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Acne - NeoClear by Aerolase®

Starting at $250

Award Winning Laser Acne Treatment. NeoClear by Aerolase, It suppresses excess sebum production, decreases inflammation, and destroys p. acnes bacteria. No prescriptions. Available introductory promo: Buy series of 4 plus 1 free.


Melasma Treatment with Neoskin by Aerolase


The Neo is effective and gentle for the treatment of melasma. Its high power laser energy with a unique 650-microsecond pulse duration heats the melasma quickly for higher clearance. It also penetrates much deeper into the dermis as compared with Q-switched Nd:YAG lasers, affecting both deep and superficial layers of melanin to provide better clearance. Introductory promotion: Buy series of 4 plus 1 free. 

Skin Rejuvenation with Neo by Aerolase


For non-ablative skin rejuvenation, Neo is the only aesthetic laser in the industry that provides the full spectrum of treatments in a single system. Now you can restore the face to a youthful, healthy appearance by removing wrinkles, unwanted hair, rosacea, acne, pigmented and vascular lesions – with very high efficacy yet in a gentle, sanitary treatment of any skin type.

Holistic Beauty & Wellness Program

Our body is unique and our skin is the largest organ, with a total area of about 20 square feet. The skin is our protection from outside harmful elements and shows the signs of our internal health. This membership program will help you learn many possible triggers and offers you personalized holistic consultation including lifestyle, diet, sleep and more. We will provide you a customized treatment and ongoing support to inspire, motivate, and help you achieve your beauty & wellness goals.

Gentle Dermal Scrape

This treatment combines with Botanical Deep Pore Cleansing and as a Facial Add-Ons. MDScrape is gentle yet effective mechanical exfoliation. This add-on service makes use of a special blade that’s gently applied on the surface of the skin to slough off dead, dry skin cells and removing peach fuzz /vellus hair. Your skin will instantly feel and look smoother and brighter. WHAT IT TARGETS: Congested , Dry, rough, patchy skin

Signature Cleopatra Aromatouch


Want to spoil your skin? indulge a little more nourishing , relaxing and rejuvenating facial. A custom-mixture of our botanical nourishing product applied onto skin by MDsignature Aromatouch and finish with LED light for aging control and skin rejuvenation.

Skin Detox & Nourishing Therapy


Introductory Promo only for Manhattan Branch Opening. Valid for the whole month of January 2020. This is 60mins treatment valued $299

Nourishing Cleanse & Glow


This treatment combines deep pore cleansing and Nourishing. Hydrodermabration for mechanical exfoliation with vit c infused for brightening the skin and Oxygen to infuse essential nutrients. Perfecr for dry , dull , rough and aging skin.

RF Contouring Facial


MD Contouring Facial combines Radio Frequency, acupressure, and muscle stimulation by MD signature massage to help tone facial muscles. A great step towards achieving your personal ideal face- shape. This treatment helps lifting and firm up the skin. Add on MDsignature Aromatouch is available upon request. WHAT IT TARGETS: Dull skin, Dry , Loose, sagging skin DOWNTIME: The facial takes an hour and can be done once or twice a week, with no downtime.

Aging Control Therapy


It uses various modalities (Ultrasonic waves, Micro Current, and Radio Frequency) and targeted products for a wide array of treatments—from exfoliation to cleaning, circulation, moisturizing and nourishing. Each treatment lasts about an hour and may be done every 3 to 4 weeks. ( Avail 20% Discount with series therapy) WHAT IT TARGETS: Lifeless Skin, Dry, Rough , Fine lines and wrinkles, pigment problems, loss of elasticity and tone DOWNTIME: None

Acne Control Facial


All customized according to type, severity and condition of the skin. Free consultation before we proceed the treatment. Our holistic approach, “Wellness starts from the inside to beautify the outside”.

Oxygen Glow Facial


This treatment is combination of deep pore cleansing and customized oxygen insfusion. Designed to nourish your skin and promote collagen growth with a special mixture of nourishing serum packed with essential nutrients from botanical extracts. . Perfect for Pick-Me-Up.